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The Croton Council on the Arts is a non-profit group of Croton artists and art enthusiasts that supports the arts in all their diverse forms.  We sponsor and promote events featuring local and visiting artists, nurturing an appreciation of the arts and a better quality of life in our community.

Croton has a long and continuing tradition of being a magnet for artists of all persuasions. The Croton Council on the Arts was born and grew out of this tradition and Croton’s 1976 Bicentiennial celebrations. Local artists and supporters joined forces to stage events for the public in Croton and surrounding villages. Under poet and president Ruth Lisa Schechter’s dynamic leadership, the new council organized many productions in theater and dance, exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography, and musical recitals and poetry readings. Croton residents greeted these performances with great enthusiasm and CCoA quickly became a valuable asset in the cultural life of our community.

More about us can be found at What We Do.  As dates for specific CCoA events are firmed up, they are listed in our chronological Calendar along with other events in the arts of interest to the CCoA community. In addition, CCoA members can now join our online Gallery which all are invited to visit.

CCoA is in constant need of volunteers for its various events and programs. Volunteering is not only a way to sustain our programs but also a great way to network and enhance our sense of community. To volunteer for a CCoA event or to find out more about CCoA’s current needs, please email us.




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